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Dress Your Space with Unique and Trendy Roman Shade Styles

Roman shades have long been admired for their timeless elegance and versatility in window treatments. However, today’s market offers a plethora of unique and trendy Roman shade styles that can effortlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space. In this blog post, Gator Shutters explores some of the latest Roman shade trends to help you dress your space with style and individuality.

  1. Classic Flat Roman Shades: Timeless Sophistication

Pros: – Clean and streamlined appearance. – Ideal for showcasing intricate patterns or vibrant colors. – Versatile, suiting both traditional and modern interiors.

Cons: – When raised, the folds stack up neatly, but they don’t provide the soft, cascading look of other styles.

  • Relaxed Roman Shades: Effortless Elegance with Soft Folds

Pros: – Cascading folds create a relaxed and informal look. – Perfect for spaces where a touch of softness is desired. – Offers a blend of sophistication and comfort.

Cons: – It may not be suitable for a more formal or structured aesthetic.

  • Balloon Roman Shades: Whimsical and Romantic

Pros: – Adds a touch of whimsy and romance to the space. – Creates a soft, billowing effect when raised. – Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, or spaces with a vintage flair.

Cons: – The style may not suit every design scheme and could be too ornate for some tastes.

  • London Roman Shades: Tailored and Timeless

Pros: – Features a cascading swoop at the bottom when raised. – Offers a tailored and polished appearance. – Versatile and complements both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Cons: – The swoop can obstruct views when the shade is fully raised.

  • Austrian Roman Shades: Dramatic and Opulent

Pros: – Elaborate folds create a dramatic and opulent look. – Ideal for grand spaces or rooms with high ceilings. – Makes a bold design statement.

Cons: – Can be overpowering in smaller rooms or spaces with lower ceilings.

Dressing your space with unique and trendy Roman shade styles allows you to express your personality and elevate your interior design. Whether you opt for the timeless sophistication of classic flat Roman shades, the relaxed elegance of relaxed Roman shades, the whimsical charm of balloon Roman shades, the tailored look of London Roman shades, or the dramatic opulence of Austrian Roman shades, there’s a style to suit every taste and space.

Explore these trends, consider the pros and cons, and choose the Roman shade style that resonates with your design vision, creating a space that is both stylish and uniquely yours.

Curtains and Plantation Shutters – A Classic Match

In the realm of interior design, the pairing of curtains and plantation shutters has emerged as a timeless and elegant combination. This classic match elevates any space’s aesthetic appeal and offers a practical blend of functionality and style.

Harmony in Design:

The marriage of curtains and plantation shutters Orlando creates a harmonious balance between softness and structure. Curtains, with their flowing fabrics and various patterns, introduce a touch of warmth and grace. On the other hand, plantation shutters bring in a sense of order and sophistication with their clean lines and adjustable slats. Together, they form a visual symphony that complements diverse interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Versatility in Light Control:

One of the key advantages of this pairing is the versatility it offers in light control. Plantation shutters Orlando, with their adjustable louvers, allow for precise management of natural light. Curtains, with their varying thickness and fabrics, can be employed to further fine-tune the ambiance. Whether you desire a flood of sunlight or a cozy, dimmed atmosphere, this duo provides the flexibility needed to achieve the perfect balance.

Privacy Redefined:

Privacy is a crucial aspect of any living space and the combination of curtains and plantation shutters Orlando excels in providing just that. While shutters offer a practical solution for controlling the view from outside, curtains add an extra layer of seclusion. Drawing the curtains in the evening not only enhances privacy but also imparts a sense of intimacy to the room.

Aesthetic Elegance:

The aesthetic appeal of curtains and plantation shutters Orlando lies in their ability to enhance each other’s beauty. When paired with the clean lines of shutters, luxury drapes create a visual masterpiece. The curtains’ fabric softens the shutters’ appearance, adding texture and depth to the overall design. This dynamic interaction elevates the aesthetic elegance of any room, turning it into a haven of sophistication.

Energy Efficiency:

Beyond their visual impact, this classic match also contributes to energy efficiency. Plantation shutters Orlando, known for their insulation properties, help regulate the temperature in a room. Curtains, with their heavy fabrics, provide an additional layer of insulation. Together, they form a formidable barrier against external temperatures, keeping the interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter, thus contributing to energy conservation.

Ease of Maintenance:

Practicality is another aspect where curtains and plantation shutters shine. Shutters are easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking pristine. Curtains, with their removable and washable fabrics, also offer convenience in maintenance. This duo ensures that maintaining a stylish and tidy interior doesn’t become cumbersome.

Childproof your homes with these window coverings

Childproofing your home is important for ensuring the safety of your children. Many strangulation cases due to corded blinds and shades have been reported in the past in the U.S. Gator blinds shouters offer many options when selecting childproof options:

  • Cordless Blinds and Shades: As discussed above, cordless blinds and shades eliminate the risk of strangulation and make your homes safe for kids and pets alike.

Choosing cordless blinds and shades does not mean compromising on your taste and preferences. We bring cordless blinds and shades in various styles, designs, and textures.

  • Motorized Blinds and Shades: Consider motorized window treatments that can be operated using a remote control or a wall switch. With motorization, no cords are hanging down, reducing the risk of entanglement and making it safer for children.

Both cordless and motorized systems can be added to your existing window treatments, thus saving you money and effort. Seek professional help to learn more about this.

  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades: These shades allow you to adjust the shade’s position from both the top and bottom. By opening the shades from the top, you can maintain privacy while still letting natural light into the room. This way, you can keep the lower portion of the window covered to prevent children from accessing it.
  • Retrofitting Corded Blinds: If you have existing corded blinds, you can retrofit them with cord safety devices. These devices can be installed to keep the cords taut and secured to the wall or window frame, reducing the risk of entanglement.

Remember, it’s crucial to regularly inspect and maintain your window blinds and shades to ensure they remain in good working condition and are safe for children. Additionally, please supervise your children around windows and teach them about window safety to further enhance their protection.

Many homeowners opt for installing window treatments on their own. However, we advise you to take professional help. Schedule a free in-home expert consultation where design experts come to your doorsteps. They’ll bring samples, and you can ask endless questions and get the best solutions at the best prices. They will take all the measurements and even provide installation services offering you peace of mind.

What are the best window treatments for your front door?

Choosing a window covering for your front door takes in many considerations. Security, durability and not to forget aesthetics should match the existing décor. Privacy is another major consideration to look for. So, what are those window coverings which offer all these features in today’s times.

Why choosing front door window covering requires much thought?

This is the first welcoming spot in your home is the front door. Apart from being functional, it should be welcoming and give a sneak peek to your style and taste. The material you choose for your front door coverings should be in your budget, meet your needs and purpose like offering privacy at night and light during the day etc.

Professional experts are the best to consult whenever you are in doubt or are overwhelmed with huge variety of options. Their hands on experience and keeping abreast with the latest trends, help you make an informed decision. You can schedule a free-in home consultation where experts would come to your home to understand your requirements and suggest the best window coverings.

Some of the most preferred window coverings for your front door are sliding doors, French doors. If you add cordless or motorized mechanism, it adds up a layer of security and safety especially when you have kids and pets around.

Some other options that work well for front door are –

Roman Shades – Roman shades add color and pattern to your front door making it more inviting. Choose motorized shades for comfort, convenience eliminating chances of cord getting in way of door.

Bamboo Shades or Woven Shades – They are an eco-friendly option and also being in a natural earthy element to the décor. They are made from natural materials like rattan , jute , reed and other grasses.

Cellular Shades – They are insulating window coverings allowing you to save energy and offering excellent light and privacy control. Choose from different opacities to choose the amount of light you want to allow in. To add comfort and convenience you can choose cordless control and create a clean look.

Which louver sizes for plantation shutters are the best for windows?

Installing high quality window coverings is seen as a valuable addition to homes. However, deciding on the perfect louver size can sometimes be confusing. Louvers are a set of slats that are fixed in a horizontal manner fixed in intervals for shutters. They are available in different sizes – 2 ½”, 3 ½”, or 4 ½” louvers. Let us start by asking a very basic but important question – Why does the louver size matter?

The louver size matters – it has a direct effect on the level of privacy, your view of the outside and the amount of light that will be coming in through the window. Moreover, the louver size also affects the overall look of the shutter and the room.

When to pick 2 ½” louver size?

  • When you have smaller windows

As a thumb rule, pick smaller louver size for smaller windows. If your window size is less than or 36” consider picking 2 ½” louvers.

  • When you have less window sill depth

There should be enough clearance to open and lower your louver. Otherwise they will be hitting the window pane. If you have less clearance space, opt for 2 ½” louver.

When to pick 3 ½” louver size?

  • If you want to go with the popular choice of homeowners

This size fits all medium and large windows and are a popular choice for homes as they offer a clean look.

  • If you are looking for larger panels

Wider panels fit perfect with 3 ½” and 4 ½” louvers. If you have a window that is about 72” wide and you opt for 2 ½” louver, you would require minimum three shutter panels to cover the window. This increases the cost also. Whereas if you opt for 3 ½” or 4 1/2 “, you would require only two shutter panels to cover the window. This also means that you can enjoy a wider unobstructed outside view.

When to pick 4 ½“ louver size?

  • Enjoy a less obstructed outside view

As we have discussed above already, wider louvers offer the best view when they are tilted to open. For medium to large windows in your homes, consider choosing 3 ½” or 4 ½” louver.

  • Allow more natural light to come in

As you enjoy a wider view with a 4 ½” louver, you will also get maximum light coming in and brighten up your space.

Should you mix and match your window treatments?

With the pace at which window treatment options are coming up every day, it’s a tough time for the homeowners to select the perfect window covering for their homes. Mix and match is a very popular trend these days. Can you mix and match everything from blinds and shutters to drapes and shades? Is it right to have different window treatments for different windows in the same room? Should every room in the home have the same window treatment to create cohesion?

There are no set rules for mix and match but you should be doing it with caution. There are certain tips that we are sharing here:

Layer with caution – layering two window treatments on one window is fine but be careful that they do not overpower each other. When done rightly, it can create a lot of interest and style while maintaining functionality. A sheer curtain with an opaque cellular shade is a winning combination. It will block light when required and excellent privacy control. Another way is to put some decoration over a window treatment like a shutter. You can change this decoration as per occasion or whenever you feel like it.

One room, one treatment – That’s the thumb rule. The same window treatment in a room creates cohesion and gives a streamlined look to the room. In modern homes with open floor plans; there it can be a challenge. This is where professional expert advice will come in handy.

Curb Appeal – Caution: Different treatments in different rooms or the same treatment in different rooms, there are no rules for it. However, many window experts believe that the same window treatment throughout the home gives a cohesive design feel and the home looks like an entity bringing everything together. A home with matching window treatment looks more appealing when viewed from the street.

No matter how you choose to mix and match your window treatment, we are there to help you. Talk to your local window treatment company professionals, they are going to help you pick the right mix and match combination that’s working for you and your pocket.

Shades for Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are gaining popularity these days. And it’s not just style, there are many benefits of course!

What are tilt and turn windows?

They are just like normal windows just they have an additional option to open. The top portion tilts inwards at an angle. There are 3 modes available to operate these windows.

Why are homeowners preferring tilt and turn windows?

Tilt and turn windows win over their traditional peers in many ways. Some are listed here:

Ventilation – the tilt function comes in handy in the summer months. The air gets circulated easily in the room and the top of the tilt windows throws out the hot air keeping the room cool.

Low maintenance – traditional windows are difficult to keep but no more stress of cleaning when you have tilt windows around.  The inward opening design makes it easy to clean.

Security – The security is enhanced in the tilt and turn windows. There are multiple locking points combined with an internal hardware system that makes them more secure than their peers.

Aesthetics – As these windows open inwards, the exteriors look finished. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of colors, materials giving you a host of options for customization.

Shades that are perfect for your tilt and turn windows

Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Honeycomb shades offer the best insulation because of the hollow pockets in their construction. They fit perfectly on the windows leaving a very little gap for the air to escape. This makes them perfect for both the summer and winter months. Honeycomb shades on your turn and tilt windows will allow letting plenty of light in and also the lightweight of these shades make it easy to manage the window.

Roller Shades

Traditional roller shades mounted on the headrail will ensure that they will not be in the way of the window when it is opened. You can get it customized to fit inside the window frame with a click and tape mechanism.

They are available in a multitude of options and opacity offering greater flexibility for the homeowners. Solar shades will preserve the view minus the glare and the blackout shades will give you an ultimate blackout effect.

Day and Night Shades

Light control and privacy, you want both of these factors for your window covering, day and nightshades are a good choice. These shades come with the benefits of solar shades and Venetian shades. Solar shades will give you ample light minus the glare while the second slat like Venetian shade will give you flexibility in achieving privacy by adjusting the slats.

Pleated Shades

The pleated design adds smart lines to your windows adding to the aesthetics. They give your window a crisp neat look and they come with functional benefits too. These shades cut off the glare and let the natural light in.

Solar Shades

If you want to enjoy the view but also have some insulation, solar shades are a perfect choice. These shades give you a feeling of inside out. Plus they keep you at bay from harmful UV rays and scorching rays of the sun.

Make the most of your turn and tilt windows with these amazing shades.

Need Privacy: Best Window Treatment Options For Your Bedroom

When choosing window coverings for your bedroom, privacy and light control are important to consider. When you choose sheer and light fabric, they will filter the sunlight and if you are looking for complete blackout effect in the bedroom, choose light blocking fabrics. The gaps are minimized and you can enjoy a restful sleep. The next consideration is your decorating style. In today’s world there are many styles, fabrics and types of blinds, shades and other window covering available to dress up your windows.

Classic White Shutters

When you are looking for a clean crisp look in your bedroom, you can never go wrong with choosing classic white shutters. The wide slats can be tilted to your desire to allow the right amount of light to come in. Café shutters are also popular that screen off the lower part of the window and you enjoy the light coming from the top half.

Venetian Blinds

When you want to bring a natural touch in your bedroom, buy wooden venetian blinds. Just like the wide slats of plantation shutters, you can tilt the louvers to deflect glare. If you want a pop of color, choose colorful tapes.

Curtains and Shades for added privacy

Curtains offer either complete blackout or all light flowing in. you can opt for layering your curtains with shades to offer privacy and add warmth and flexibility. If you have blackout curtain, you can have sheer solar shades, or reversibly if you have sheer curtains, choose blackout shades. You can enjoy best of all worlds – privacy, light and temperature control.

Window films

Easy to fit and again an instant update for your bedroom privacy, window films are great choice form ground floor bedroom. You can get them in exact measurement and fit yourself or get experts to install. You can choose from patterns, motifs and textures.

Shutters and Curtains

If you think shutters are too formal for your bedroom, pair them with sheer curtains. Evoke romance which is so central to your bedroom. Choose to fit the track past the window frame so that shutters can be opened and closed easily.

Top Expert’s Advice :Secure Your Florida’s Home From Hurricane

Storms are common in Florida and hurricane activity has increased over the years. Homes are the worst affected by high winds and waves. Preventive and timely measures can help us in braving extreme weather conditions.

Gator Blinds Florida help homeowners protect their property during hurricanes.

  1. Clean and clear your outdoors

Store all lawn furniture, sporting gears, gardening tools and other outdoor items if a storm is heading your way. High waves and winds can pick these items and send them flying damaging the windows or even injuring a person. Keep all the windows and doors closed.

Take a look at your lawn. Strong winds can uproot the trees or snap the branches that can damage your home or even entangle in the power lines. Make sure you cut or prune them before the potential damage.

  • Install Shutters

Hurricane roll-up shutters in Florida are expensive. Interior window shutter are a little cheaper and while they are not hurricane proof they can help a little if windows are broken during a hurricane and can protect from furthering damage in the house. Once a window is damaged, the interior shutters can act as barriers from debris protecting the interior and minimizing post hurricane damage.

Hurricane shutters don’t need to be left up all year, usually you only put them up when a hurricane is ready to hit. When the hurricane season is arriving, you should install them. However, it means every time you install them you will need to pay the professionals extra money. You cannot do it on your own. Interior shutters need installation only once and they will serve their purpose all year long. They are super easy to clean and maintain. Alucore Poly shutters, Plantation shutters will help add an extra layer of safety if a hurricane strikes.

  • Create an Evacuation Plan

It is always safe to create an evacuation plan that’ll help you where to go during the storm. After a hurricane warning, make sure you call shelter homes that can take you and your family along with pets. Make sure cars are full of gas and don’t forget to pack important papers and documents. Also inform your friends and family of where are you heading.

Build an emergency kit

If you live in Florida or areas frequently hit by Hurricanes, you should have emergency kits ready. You can make it on your own or purchase a pre-made emergency kit from the grocery stores. They include – non perishable food items, ample water supply, first aid box, weather or regular radio and necessary medications.

Understand your homeowners insurance

See if your home insurance plans cover only wind damage and not flood damage. Try to get an insurance plan that covers both. Be aware to read the policy ahead of the hurricane warning, the policy won’t work for 30 days. Keep reviewing your homeowners insurance regularly.

Inspect your roof

Make sure your roof is ready to take on the hurricane. If a hurricane is heading your way, look for any leakages or any damages in the structure. Correcting the faults will help you protect your home during the hurricane.

Clean your gutters

If you live in a hurricane prone zone, you must clean the gutters. No one enjoys this task, but this will help the water to flow properly and avoid flooding. If gutter is not working properly, repair it in time.

Are Cellular shades out of style?

Cellular shades are the one of the best window treatment to beat the Orlando heat. They are also popular as honeycomb shades as they resemble a honeycomb. According to Gator Blinds Florida, cellular shades are always in fashion. They offer style, functionality and superb energy efficiency. So, you can keep your energy bills to a minimum and they contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Why cellular shades can never go out of style?

Saves you huge on energy bills – The cellular construction traps air in the cells, this gives excellent protection against extreme temperature and insulate your home and help to keep your energy bills down. Single cell, double cell or three layer cell cellular shades are available with us. You can check with our experts when you schedule a free in-home consultation.

Excellent sound absorption – homeowners generally miss out on this aspect as cellular shades can be an excellent addition to study room, media room and even kids’ room.

Multiple control options – cellular shades have also become modern in terms of control. The traditional standard pull cord is still popular, or you can even choose a continuous cord loop system that eliminates the need for dangling cord and so ultimate safe for homes with pets and kids.

They give a modern look – The design of the cellular shades gives a modern look also the durable fabric adds many years. They are also super easy to clean.

Excellent light filtration: like the blackout cellular shades block out the light and heat and keep temperatures under control ,these light filtering shades also offer excellent privacy.

Colors and Pleats – You can order your cellular shades in any color to get an exact match for your décor. You can even pair them with other window treatments, they look good. Additionally, you can get them in different pleats small, medium or large, it all depends on your requirements.

To conclude, we can say that cellular shades can never be out of style because they are so stylish, functional and look modern. If you need any help or have any questions, you can call the experts from Gator blinds Florida and learn more about cellular shades and other window treatments